5 Reasons Why Your Firm Needs Private Investigation Software

Brian DeAntonio, FCLA

Brian DeAntonio, FCLA
President, CROSStrax

19 September 2016

Want to compete with the large nationwide firms? Competition in the private investigation business seems like its fiercer than it was even five or ten years ago.

You may feel a step behind larger investigation firms that use enterprise-wide technology solutions your small investigation firm can’t afford. But with private investigation software you can catch up to and compete with the “big boys.” Smaller investigation firms are just beginning to roll out third-party, cloud based private investigation software to more efficiently handle their cases and their operations.

First of all, private investigation software is designed to help you manage client information, cases, and all other related matters. It has two primary functions — to provide a simpler way to manage, protect, and share information and to track and shape your cases to make them more manageable.

The Top Five Reasons to Use Private Investigation Software

  1. Organize Active Case Files

Private investigation software helps you keep all the information about a client’s case in one convenient place. You can enter and manage case details, assignments, deadlines, contact information, notes, task lists, and more for use throughout the assignment.

  1. Manage Tasks and Deadlines

As a private investigator, working a case involves meeting many deadlines, which can be difficult, if not impossible to remember. Private investigation software enables you to manage and remember important dates. A solid software system can automatically add deadlines into your calendar, saving you the time and effort of doing so.

  1. Automated Time and Billing Entries

Many investigators write their billable time on a piece of paper and then enter it into a spreadsheet each month.  This is a cumbersome, time-consuming, and inaccurate process. Most private investigation software systems have the ability to convert a calendar event into billable time (CROSStrax does!).

  1. Access Information Remotely

Private investigation software can be accessed securely online, so you can work from anywhere you have a computer device and an Internet connection. When you need to manage your case related data from home or another remote location, simply go to the website and sign on.

  1. Media and Document Retrieval

If your PI firm is like others, you have large amounts of information stored in many places and on many clouds. With private investigation software, all of your important information can be safely stored and retrieved from one place – documents, videos, audio, and photos.

CROSStrax - Private Investigation Software

“As a private investigator, working a case involves managing tasks and meeting many deadlines, which can be difficult, if not impossible to remember.”

What feature will help you meet your business goals?

There are a variety of private investigation software options available. When you’re considering a system that will work for you, also consider what features are important to you and will meet your needs. Before deploying any software, it’s important to consider your goals and decide what features you need to meet those goals.

CMS offers a variety of solutions for:

  • Contact management
  • Report generation
  • Invoicing, managing time-sheets, and expenses
  • Case and database management

To learn more about the benefits of private investigation software, give me a call at 800.464.8819 or send me an email at

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