Client Metrics as a Tool

The Client Metrics Module of the CROSStrax case management system provides your clients with the opportunity to better evaluate the information they are receiving from you, from a holistic perspective and on individual assignments. Any captured field, within CROSStrax, that is populated from the onset of the investigation request, through the investigative process, can be parceled out and used to run statistical reports. These reports provide your clients with quantitative insight as to the effectiveness of your results and their investigative program. Used in combination with our proprietary investigative CRM, the sky is the limit for your business.

Client metrics can be used to quantify historical data, allowing the opportunity to benchmark against periods of time, the investigator used, and even how much, multiple days of surveillance can increase the chances of a successful investigation (an increase in revenue for you immediately). Client metrics can be particularly useful to your clients when they are making decisions regarding their investigative budgets, initiatives, and what they may need to do to improve their overall investigative program to maximize ROI.

Client Metrics

Client Metrics Data

Client Metrics for Internal Evaluation

Obviously, if you are using client metrics to evaluate your performance with respect to each client, you should also be using the same metrics to evaluate the overall performance of your investigation business. The Client Metrics Module currently evaluates data from the following captured fields:

  • Service Request – (Surveillance, AOE/COE, Internet Mining)
  • Case Status – (Pending, Being Worked, Invoiced, etc.)
  • Budget – (Assigned vs. Actual)
  • Client Contact – (Requestor)
  • Time Frame
  • Company – (Specific or All)
  • Lost or Heated – (Was the investigator made or did they lose the subject)
  • Investigator – (All worked assignments)
  • Case Synopsis – (A brief summary of what the important results were on the assignment)

Metrics with Practical Knowledge

Client metrics are aggregated to be viewed as simple data, or, the data is placed into color charts for an easy visual of specific trends. When brought together, the data is extremely useful; however, what makes our system unique is the addition of the Case Synopsis Section. This section allows you to filter through the practical case data, while still having a brief understanding, in lamen terms, of the facts of the investigation. This added feature is crucial during your client meetings and will show them your unwavering commitment to customer service.

Client Metrics Bar Graph View

Bar Graph View

Ever hear this, “Listen, your video percentage is amazing and you don’t lose anyone but what about the results, are they helping our cause? What are we doing with your information?” The Case Synopsis Module provides you with detailed but short talking points on each assignment. For instance, “We completed two days of surveillance. Both days we obtained video of the subject walking without a cane and driving. The restrictions stated the subject MUST use a cane.” A home run in the eyes of the client and there was no digging through involved reports, calling investigators to get details, etc., it was right there in front of you.

How are you compiling this data now? If your not, you’re giving your competitor the upper hand. The best part of CROSStrax is it is always evolving. As you find new ways to use data, we in-turn make the changes to make your campaign successful. Accountability and responsiveness are built into our reporting process and serves to guide strategic improvements and ensures accuracy and consistency of your information.

Our Client Metrics Module is just another way we demonstrate our commitment to exceeding your expectations. For a guided demo, send us an email at and we’ll run you through the particulars. CROSStrax is ready to change your business as you know it, are you ready for the change?

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