CROSStrax – A True Case Management System

Owners of private investigation agencies often ask about what case management system they can bring into their agency to assist them in running their business more effectively, efficiently and in less time as compared to an ad-hoc case management system or a more general database case management system. Paper-based systems have been with the PI for as long as there have been PIs. Not their fault, they are experts in gathering data, not necessarily presenting it efficiently. The better the PI, the bigger the problem. The better PIs have a lot of work flowing through their agency and there are still only twenty-four hours in the day. However, any argument to change to a different case management system must address real benefits to be achieved by the new case management system – and not simply how to do the same tasks faster.

CROSStrax draws together your desktop and scheduling calendar, lists of clients, an assignment filing system, your to-do list and deadline systems, and your time-keeping  and accounting systems and wraps them up into one package. In most cases each individual program goes much further when interconnected and adds additional functionality to the system.

The latest version of CROSStrax extends the communication handling that matches your email messages and the case notes of your assignments simply by emailing the message via BCC to your case management system. Emails are an efficient means of communication; however, if not logged properly, they can create a false sense of security. Usually, when you send an email unless someone responds, it’s the last you see of that email. Now, by sending the email to your case management system, it is logged into the case notes of the assignment for everyone, or how you designate, to see.

So you’re thinking of adopting, or making a change to a new case management system. Let’s take a look at the benefits you should expect.

Benefit #1 – CROSStrax can organize your day

The CROSStrax case management system replaces the Operation Manager’s scheduling calendar with an electronic daily work-scheduler. The advantages of changing to a networked, electronic calendar are as follows:

  • Assignments can be scheduled simply by adding the investigator to the schedule on that day.
  • If the scheduled date or time of day changes – you can drop the assignment to the new date or time.
  • If you create conflicting assignments – the software will warn you of the conflict – no more accidental double-bookings.
  • Anyone else in the agency can see your schedule and make appropriate and timely changes for you.
  • CROSStrax will warn you of upcoming must-work assignments and other specific deadlines.
  • You can take an entry from your report and with a few clicks, convert it into a time and billing entry.

Benefit #3 – CROSStrax will manage your deadlines

The CROSStrax case management system offers the ability to juggle deadlines and dates as follows:

  • In CROSStrax, the calendar has a “to-do” area – which carries forward your “to-dos” until they are marked “done.” No need to continually rewrite lists of to-dos.
  • It will indicate how many days each to-do has been in your system and how many days remain until the deadline date, or days past the deadline if this is the case.
  • Your case notes and emails can be converted into to-dos.
  • To-dos are embedded in your personal dashboard. Examples are limitation reminders, bring forward reminders, preparation reminders – anything for which you need a memory prompt. They will pop up on your to-do list on the dashboard when the requisite trigger date is reached.
  • When you use the case notes to track and log your calls, you can create a follow-up reminder for the business discussed during the call.

Benefit #4 – CROSStrax create billing entries

  • In CROSStrax, you have the ability to take an action or an entry, and with a few clicks convert it into a time and billing entry.
  • You can take a to-do and click on it to indicate that it is done – CROSStrax will then prompt you to create a time and billing entry from the entry.
  • Now, each call you make prompts you to select whether the call was billable to the client or not. Failing to do this routinely, is like leaving money on the table.

Benefit #5 – CROSStrax can do your work for you

  • Case managers have the ability to generate documents using the contacts in your database. When an investigator has completed an assignment, the case manager can print a report with the simple click of a button.
  • CROSStrax will retain and make available all related documents, photos, video, database efforts and more.

Benefit #6 – CROSStrax organizes your case information

Open the “Case Details” module in CROSStrax – in there you will see a description of the case, the parties in the case and all contact information, notes on the case, things to be done, logs of the calls and lists of the documents generated for the file – in other words, an up to date index of the file – without having to locate the paper version laying around the office. Great to get an update on the file when your client calls – you can pull this information up on your screen while making small talk and be up to speed on the details lickety-split.

In conclusion, CROSStrax case management software offers to you:

As a private investigator, you are not a data entry clerk – any system you adopt should allow you to record tasks as you complete them – in an effortless manner. It should allow you to forget the background part of managing a case by taking that over for you.

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