The short answer is yes. Private investigators need to choose a system that is customizable and can be used with many different types of investigations. If you conduct domestic cases, missing person, locate, skip tracing, insurance claim or any other investigation, find a system that appeals to a broad audience. Just because a system has a field for insured, claim number or doctors information does not mean it is just for claims investigations. Just because the software has a place to add multiple subjects does not mean it is only for criminal cases. Case management software for private investigators needs to appeal to a wide audience in order to be effective.

A second important item to think about is the software and how it interacts with an investigator’s clients. Most software provides client access. Just because the software has the capability to allow investigator’s clients to access the system does not mean that the company administrator has to allow their clients to log into the system. In the CROSStrax software, if you do not want your client to have access, you do not have to let them know they have access. It is as simple as not notifying them. Another option is to create an “in-house” or “general client” to assign cases, such as a domestic investigations to.

There are many ways to customize software to meet the needs of any company regardless of size and including those that conduct various types of investigations. Investigation companies of all sizes can benefit from case management software regardless of the types of investigations they conduct.

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