Private investigation marketing with A SECRET YOU MAY NOT KNOW | CROSStrax

Private investigation marketing with A SECRET YOU MAY NOT KNOW | CROSStrax


Private Investigation Marketing Tools


Brian DeAntonio, FCLA
President, CROSStrax

25 May 2016

We’ve all been there, the proverbial “wall” that seems to sap away all your magical creative private investigation marketing ideas. Suddenly you feel like Superman without a cape.

All you need is a little push in the right direction to get your private investigation marketing mojo back on track. And you’ve come to the right place, we’re dishin’ out three creative marketing ideas to help you rise above the plateau, generate more “qualified” leads and increase sales. Let’s get started.

Social Media Marketing

Push your handles – Twitter can be an excellent tool to get your name out there but you can’t be afraid to be a bit shameless. Will you be speaking at an industry specific event? Put your Twitter handle on each slide in the slideshow. Next order of business cards? Your Twitter handle should be front and center!

Private Investigation Marketing Twitter Handle

Get your Twitter handle to the masses.

Join in on weekly hashtag themes like #ClaimsCommunity – If you want to build your social media following, you need to be an active participant in the community. This means posting regularly, and also joining in on different, fun weekly social media traditions that already have a loyal audience.

“Leads are data that, as private investigators, we have to gather and rely on. Because leads mean money.”

Attraction Marketing

Slideshare and Webinars – The presentation slideshow is back and ready to be used. Repurpose old PowerPoint or Keynote presentations for audience-friendly Slideshare users. Host your own free webinar or partner with another business for twice the expertise (and twice the promotion power). Webinars are a great source of business leads and combine industry knowledge and private investigation marketing, providing the best of both worlds.

*** Private Investigation Marketing ***

“The trick rarely, if ever, used” – People have asked me how to get started in the investigation industry. It seems the industry itself is populated by good solid operational investigators but salesman? Not so much. Get in front of someone, an investigator could sell themselves on the spot but how do you get the leads, the names, and the emails to get the meetings or simply a quick intro email that describes you and your qualifications? Email Hunter, that’s how.

Email Hunter is a service unlike any other. If you know the domain name of the business you want to market but you need names, go to Email Hunter and set up a free account, that’s the hardest part.

Let’s take a look at the process:

After starting your free account, you can choose between plans that are free, all the way up to plans that are $399 a month. For what we’ll be doing here, free is fine.

Start by entering the domain of a client you are looking to get started with. In this example, we’ll look at Target, a good common household name.


Email Hunter Domain Search.

After entering the domain name, Email Hunter searches the Internet for matching email addresses. Here we found 832 email addresses. We have the choice of viewing them, cut and pasting them, or downloading them as a CSV file (for paid accounts only).

Hunter Domain Search

Email Hunter Results Page.

We can take the search a step further by revealing some of the sources each email was found using. We took the first email and found all of the sources reporting that email address.

Hunter List

Email Hunter Source List Page.

In doing so, we found many websites using the target email address. The negative website are usually more revealing because you have people wanting to expose emails, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Here we use a WordPress site,, and can now match names and telephone numbers to the email addresses of the executive-level employees at Target.


Email Hunter Source Page.

This last idea is an excellent way to get lists and lists of prospects from Corporate America and the Insurance Industry. Private investigation marketing isn’t easy but I’ve used this many times in the past and developed hundreds of viable leads that would have cost a fortune otherwise, and this way is more accurate and reliable.

Happy Hunting!

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