Keep track of the time and expenses on each assignment


Investigation Billing Software

Investigation billing software that tracks and facilitates billing and expenses as well as client invoicing. CROSStrax has the financial tracking integration you need to make informed business decisions.

CROSStrax provides a simple interface for investigators to track time and/or activity. Each activity is recorded with a description of the activity, the person who performed the activity and the amount of time spent, acting as an online timesheet.

Your investigative staff can easily input and track their case related time and expenses through CROSStrax. When it comes time to invoice your customer, you’ll be able to convert all billable time and expenses into an invoice with a click of a mouse!


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Why CROSStrax?

CROSStrax generates great looking invoices branded with your business’ logo. You can automatically convert your invoices into PDFs and email them to your clients. Additionally, we offer an integration with QuickBooks so all of your accounting data in CROSStrax filters right into QuickBooks for immediate financial management.

Our investigation billing software will convert your billing and expenses into an invoice with a single click. The process creates a billing report for the investigation and each investigator involved, and through an approval process, passes along the costs that are client billable. Each charge is reviewed by a manager and must be approved or denied before an assignment can be completed.

Investigation Billing Software

“A major issue with my firm has been billing for “everything” we do, like database searches, telephone calls, etc. Crosstrax has changed all that and sometimes we have to trim down the invoice because Crosstrax did such a great job! Far and away the best case management system for investigators.”
– Reggie, Owner

Budget Reports

Our budgeting system is unique because we not only track the budget when the file was assigned, but we also track the actual budget worked at the end of the assignment. The difference could identify problems before they start happening. For instance, if your client is assigning 16 hours of surveillance on each file, but you see you’re only billing 12 hours on most, our “breakage” report will identify the problem so you can resolve it, maybe a tweak in a manager, or management style.

System Alerts

You can send email alerts for cases and tasks so your investigative and office staff are notified about upcoming milestones or responsibilities. Additionally, you will be alerted if you try to schedule the same investigator on the same day, the system is smart enough to ask you if this was meant to happen or if it happened in error.


CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. CROSStrax will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

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