Why CROSStrax CRM?

Too many sales benefits to count...



CROSStrax CRM sales benefits are scalable, progressive, and comprehensive. You need to manage your client relationships better and with more frequency, or take the chance that someone else will. 


Prioritize resources. Sell smarter.

The key to sell faster is to prioritize your resources. Get a list of activities and prospects that matter the most to your investigation business.

Automate. Be productive.

Automate your day-to-day business activities so that you can focus on selling, not on maintaining data.

Track your sales activities.

Gain complete visibility of your sales cycle. Align sales efforts with your business strategies and objectives.

Prioritize. Sell smarter.

The key to sell faster is to prioritize. Get a list of activities and prospects that matter the most to your business.


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Close more deals.

No matter the size of your company, all sales employees share two common goals — the desire to be a top performer and the desire to earn. We can help with both.

Contact Management

Have a complete view of your customers, including activity history, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Gain insights from popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Opportunity Management

Get all the details on your team’s deals — stage, products, competition, quotes, and more. Stay connected to the people and information you need to close every sale.

Sales Collaboration

Tap into the wisdom of everyone in the company with a social collaboration network designed for business. Track deals and find the experts, competitive information, and other resources to close more deals, faster, wherever you are.

Sales Performance Management

Drive team performance to a whole new level with Work.com. Set metrics-based goals, give coaching notes, provide continuous feedback, and amplify winning behaviors with real-time recognition and rewards.

Game-Changing Impacts

A well-implemented CRM system can replace manual processes that create significant organizational inefficiencies. But CRM systems don’t just create efficiency by reducing the use of inefficient processes.

CROSStrax CRM integrates your case management software with your sales process, creating efficiencies that enable private investigation companies to interact with customers in ways that they wouldn’t have the resources to otherwise. These interactions create a relationship funnel that runs parallel to a sales funnel, creating new opportunities and sustained business relationships for your agency.

CROSStrax CRM gives private investigation companies the ability to move away from tools, like spreadsheets, that appear to be entirely functional but fall short in a variety of areas.

One of the biggest: collaboration. Even in small organizations, the entire customer lifecycle is typically too complex to be managed effectively by one person.

The use of CROSStrax CRM platforms allows for employees in multiple departments to more effectively manage their customer relationships and to see the big picture at any time.

For many organizations, data is one of the most valuable strategic assets, and CROSStrax CRM houses some of the most valuable data. Of course, data in and of itself is often of limited practical use; its real value comes from data analysis and visualization tools.

Here, CROSStrax CRM offers a variety of homegrown and third-party tools that enable private investigation companies to understand their sales data and learn things about their customers that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.


When private investigation companies lack the tools to manage their customer relationships, customers are bound to fall through the cracks. CROSStrax CRM can help ensure that this doesn’t happen by adding a layer of accountability to the customer relationship management process.

CROSStrax CRM helps employees across departments understand their responsibilities to customers throughout the customer lifecycle and when those responsibilities aren’t met, it’s easy to identify what went wrong, where it went wrong, who fell short and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Ultimately, for all of the benefits CROSStrax CRM provides to the private investigation companies that use it, the biggest benefit of CROSStrax CRM is that its use leads to a better overall customer experience.

Customers are more easily and accurately segmented, their needs identified, and because the status of a company’s relationship with them is accurately tracked, companies can interact with them meaningfully at the right times, leading to more sales, faster sales and higher customer retention and satisfaction.


CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. CROSStrax will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

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