Set up roles and access to determine who can access case details, reports, billing, and more


Easily Manage Access to Case Information

CROSStrax users conduct confidential investigations that contain sensitive information. CROSStrax is made to support the types of restrictions necessary to ensure the right people on investigative teams have criteria-based access to the right information.

CROSStrax makes roles and access easy for both employees and vendors easy to setup. All of your case notes, evidence, reports, etc. have permission levels and are only visible to those who have a permissible role in the process. Matching permissions with the process, CROSStrax will lessen the chance of error, based on random permission levels.


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Roles and Access

CROSStrax allows you to create roles and access that depict your organizational structure and workflow. If you restrict access to information based on investigator-level, simply configure the CROSStrax roles and access to address the investigator hierarchy. Each user has a profile within CROSStrax where you can set their access rights.

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CROSStrax maintains unique, customizable access that guarantees our customers comply with relevant privacy laws while managing confidential information

Client and Investigator Restrictions

CROSStrax works with investigation teams or investigations that require involvement from various departments and outside resources. To ensure information security, CROSStrax enables you to restrict access to case information all the way down to the most granular levels.

What this means is two people may access the same case within CROSStrax, but some information may be hidden from each. This is most often used to restrict access to highly confidential cases or information within a case. Certain information can be suppressed while all other case information can be made available.

Vendor Management

Most businesses will need to augment their staff with a vendor base. Like employees, finding the vendors is one job but managing a list of them is something totally different. Add your vendors and assign them to cases just like you would employees. Your vendors will have online case access just like your employees so collecting your work after the case is over is a breeze. Also, manage anyone’s vendor panel with ease!


CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. CROSStrax will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

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