CROSStrax Featured on the PI Perspectives Podcast

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Matt Spaier of the PI Perspectives Podcast.  We discussed the challenges investigators face both in business and managing cases along with many of the features that help investigators of all specialties.  A great experience and a valuable resource for all investigators.  Click here to listen to the […]

CROSStrax and Delvepoint…..Better Together!

…….and what that means for our customers! CROSStrax truly aspires to provide best in class services in all of our functionality and offerings. The goal is to provide our customers with the advantages and tools to compete as effectively as possible in the marketplace.  This is why it is with great pride that we have […]

Case Management: A small investment in any investigator’s future

True businessmen / business women keep a watchful eye on costs.  A business that cavalierly spends money frivolously will not be around very long. However, smart business persons also invest in their future.  They ensure they have proper controls.  They work to operate efficiently.  They manage risk.  They impress clients with the quality and professionalism […]

Generating client leads is an important process for any investigative business.

The efficient usage of your time in business is important but so of course are sales leads and closing those leads.  A few quick thoughts…. Target Selection – when choosing sales targets, consider incorporating the following into the decision process if you do not already… Likelihood of success versus the sales time and costs that […]

Marketing targets for investigation and risk management companies you may have overlooked

Theoretically there are of course an almost infinite number of potential engagement opportunities for a firm offering investigation / risk management services.  In practice however, as you know of course, new business needs to be profitable, match your strengths, sourced cost effectively and without the commitment of an inordinate amount of time invested into the […]

The Core of Investigations: Accuracy, Consistency and Reliability

“Exception Management” is the bane of any high volume or process driven business.  For example, ask any bank, manufacturing organization, mortgage originator, retailer or home builder….managing exceptions and errors in any process is disproportionately costly, time consuming and offers exposure to their reputations.  Sometimes even to their businesses themselves.  It also is very distracting to […]

Five things to consider for your Private Investigation Business

On top of some of the obvious elements key to your investigative business, i.e. the appropriate licensing, the legal structure decided upon  (LLC, S-Corp, Partnership or other), the location, etc. ….as a reminder (and if you have not done so already), you may want to also consider the following… Determine the markets you are serving […]

How important is a Marketing Strategy for an Investigation Business?

Although there are of course many key elements of a successful business, none are arguably any more important than marketing and sales.  As such, to our existing and future private investigation client base, we offer the following thoughts. As you update or develop an overall marketing plan, these are not the only things to incorporate […]

Plagiarism is Risky Business!

Wikipedia identifies “plagiarism” as “…the ‘wrongful appropriation’ and ‘stealing and publication’ of another author’s ‘language, thoughts and ideas’ and the representation of them as one’s own original work.”  The LEXICO dictionary (powered by Oxford) defines the word, “plagiarism”, maybe a bit more broadly, as “the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing […]

Are you sure you don’t need investigation management software?

YOU DON’T NEED A STRONG CASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM BECAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH BUSINESS – ARE YOU SURE? At first glance, the statement, that you don’t have enough business to justify the cost a case management platform, appears logical.  You’re keeping overhead low while the volume of your client cases is less than desired. However, […]