Private investigators in the news is nothing new. PI’s make headlines all the time for the great work they do for families of missing people.  The work they do in the defense of innocent people unjustly charged.  The wide variety of services private investigators conduct on behalf of the individuals and businesses.
In the past two weeks, investigators are in the news for different reasons. Here are a few of the headlines:
“Private Investigator pleads guilty to conspiracy and false imprisonment…..” Click here for full story
“Already incarcerated private investigator could face new sexual assault charge” Click here for full story
“Private investigator convicted for GPS tracking” Click here for full story
“Woman sues private investigator after finding tracking device on car” Click here for full story
“Family of missing boy sues its ex-private investigator” Click here for full story

  • Are the lawsuits simply part of today’s litigious society?
  • Are the criminal charges warranted?
  • Are some private investigators taking unnecessary chances during their investigations?
  • Is stepping over the line due in part to pressure from the client to produce results?

We pose these questions to gain insight from private investigators.  We open this discussion and welcome constructive comments from the industry.
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