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Perfect Price for Just Starting Out
  • 1 Admin User
  • 1 Investigator Accounts
  • 100GB included storage
  • $49 per additional TB
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Cases


Perfect for the Small Agency
  • 2 Admin Users
  • 5 Investigator Accounts
  • 500GB included storage
  • $49 per additional TB
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Cases


Perfect for Your Growing Business
  • 4 Admin Users
  • 15 Investigator Accounts
  • 2TB included storage
  • $39 per additional TB
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Cases


When You Know You Made It
  • Unlimited Admin Users
  • Unlimited Investigators
  • 3TB included storage
  • $39 per additional TB
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Cases

*Our FREEmium plan is designed to help the aspiring investigation business get started. As you can see, the storage and user accounts are limited but the features are the same as the paid plans. The idea is, we help you start your business and grow together with you as your needs change. The FREEmium plan is FREE for 12 months, during which time, we expect to see great things from you. If you are still using the FREEmium plan after twelve months you will be billed a nominal $19.00/mo. to simply cover our cost. Nothing will change regarding the features or your access to those features.


How does the 60-day free trial work?

After you sign up, we automatically enroll you into a 15-day free trial. During the trial period, your account will have no feature or user restrictions. Then, as you meet the following milestones, we'll give you another 15-days FREE for each milestone! A free trial up to 60-days!

  1. If you add two (2) investigators and two (2) clients, you get an additional 15 additional days
  2. If you add five (5) cases, you get an additional 15 additional days
  3. If you add five (5) invoices, you get an additional 15 additional days

15 days to start + 15-days + 15-days +15-days = 60 days FREE with no restrictions!

If you wish to continue using CROSStrax beyond the trial period, you will need to upgrade your account to a paid plan or elect the FREEmium plan before the trial expires. You can upgrade your account at any time from within the "Manage Account" area of the online portal.

Do I have to sign any long-term contracts?

Not at all. CROSStrax is a "pay-as-you-go" service. You simply pay month-to-month. There are no contracts or obligations on your part, and although we hope you don't, you can cancel your account at any time.

Can the system be rebranded to match my business?

Yes. You can upload your logo and company information. When the login screen is displayed, your logo and company name will appear. Your logo is also displayed throughout the system. Your logo and company information will also be used to generate investigative reports.

Will I have to submit payment or credit card information for the free trial?

Nope. A credit card is not required for the trial. Payment information is required when you decide to use the system after the 30-day trial period has concluded. Once you begin using the service, there are no contracts or long-term obligations.

What equipment do I need to use CROSStrax?

None, you just need access to the Internet. The system is completely web based. There is nothing to download on your computer and nothing to install.

Can I use my Mac computer?

Yes. The system is not software based and is a completely web-based application/solution. If you can connect to the internet, you can use CROSStrax.

Can I access CROSStrax on my phone or tablet?

Yes. You can connect to the system via phone, tablet, and any mobile device that is able to access the Internet.

When I use CROSStrax, is my data encrypted?

Yes. We are uniquely aware the security of your data is extremely important to you as well as your clients. All data that is stored in your database is immediately encrypted and password protected. Your subdomain is also secured by an 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. CROSStrax understands your business and your data is immensely important and we have worked very hard to ensure all of your data is protected and stored properly using the highest levels of security.

A subdomain, what's that?

A subdomain is a separate “section” of a primary domain. CROSStrax allows you to choose a personalized subdomain that corresponds with your company. For example, if your company name is Jones Investigation Group, you may possibly choose "JONES", or "JIG" as your subdomain. This would make your case management web address or You would direct all your users including clients to this address for login. Subdomain names can be a maximum of 14 characters. You can also include numbers in your personalized subdomain.

Who has access to my data?

You and the users chosen by you to access your system. We cannot view or access your data at any time. Additionally, we have no need to access your data in order to provide service or implement product updates. The CROSStrax Development Team only accesses information related to your account with CROSStrax (name, address, phone, etc), but nothing related to case data in your subdomain such as username, passwords, or any case information.

How much will CROSStrax cost me?

There are various plans to meet the needs of any size business.  Visit our pricing page for additional information.

Okay, I'm ready! How do I start my free trial?

Fill out the sign up information by clicking here to begin your free trial.


CROSStrax is cloud-based case management and CRM software designed to streamline the process of managing an investigation as well as your clients who assign them. CROSStrax will assist your company in becoming more organized, efficient, and profitable with less effort.

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