Criminal Defense Investigations

Investigate, Document, Review and Prepare effectively

View facts, evidence and investigative activity. Secure evidence storage and detail every step of an investigation.  All system activity is documented.  The system shows when information was submitted with date and time stamp and notes the user that entered it.

CROSStrax - Criminal Investigation Case Management Software

File Management System

Keep frequently used forms and documents accessible at all times.  Upload evidence and descriptions for easy retrieval.

Discovery and Documents

Create folders, categories and setup a repository accordingly.  Create custom fields for any type of complex investigation.

Organized Court Preparation

Save hours of time.  All documents, notes and information necessary to prep for a legal proceeding are at your fingertips.

Long term investigations

A criminal related case could span years

Having a system in place for criminal cases is critical.  Need to review a deposition from 2 years ago?  No problem, view or download it from the files section.  Need to send the video surveillance you obtained from the convenience store?  Go to the video storage and click send.

The client’s attorney has to produce the investigator’s case notes for discovery.  Select the related notes and click print.  Investigative professionals are astonished at the amount of time CROSStrax saves.