Document long term cases for review and revisiting periodically.

Through the use of technology, investigators are able to collaborate and help solve cold cases.  Instantly give a colleague or expert access to a case file for review.  Another set of eyes to review a cold case could reveal a new lead, a new point of view and a potential new outcome.

CROSStrax - Cold Cases Investigation Software

Document Efforts

Documenting every step of your investigation is paramount.  Have the luxury of knowing and reviewing everything that has been done.

Share a Case

Want to review a case with a colleague and take advantage of a fresh set of eyes.  Provide secure access to anyone in minutes.

Reminders & Tasks

Make note of important events and follow up tasks.  Set an email to remind you when the task due date is approaching.

Collaboration tools to help break a case

Share information with colleagues and experts!

We’ve all been there. Staring at a report, set of photographs or other evidence and nothing!  It doesn’t make sense and frustration sets in as the hours tick away.

You need a fresh set of eyes, another set of hands and a fresh perspective.  Share case information with a colleague, legal counsel or an expert safely and securely.