Document and track details on any type of case

Manage any size case load with the easy to use interface.  Quickly view subject info, budget, photos, video, and more. Enter case notes, expenses, update the client and track billable time.  When the case is complete, create a report and invoice in minutes.

Private investigator case management software - CROSStrax
Investigators Tool For Client Management - CROSStrax


Know your clients better than they know themselves

If your clients are individuals, companies, or both, the client area is packed with features.  Add contact information,  case handling instructions, billing rates and your professionalism will shine.  Optional client access allows viewing case progress in real time.


Powerful tools to manage any size staff

Investigators can view case assignments, submit updates, enter hours worked and much more. From the solo entrepreneur to a company with hundreds of investigators, each company is able to assign cases, manage, and pay their investigators efficiently.

CROSStrax's powerful investigative scheduling and reporting tool
Manage Invoices & Expenses through CROSStrax Invoice Management Software


Create invoices and pay employees in seconds.

Spend time on tasks that make money and let the system track the finances.  The Quickbooks online integration helps maintain the books while investigators focus on running a business.


Integrate software and programs you already use

Powerful integrations to help you accomplish tasks quicker.  The system integrates with Microsoft Office, Quickbooks Online, PDF, Your Email and more which allow you to work seamlessly with programs you are familiar with.

CROSStrax's Case Management System Feature - Integrations
CROSStrax's Case Management Software Feature - Investigation Reports


Create final reports in a few clicks

Create your own report templates to use in the system.  Generate a final report and send it to the client in minutes, not hours.  With CROSStrax, you will learn to look forward to report time.


Setup the system your way, for the types of cases you work

Any case, any size, any type.  Domestics, surveillance, missing persons, cold cases, criminal defense, process service, fraud, financial, it doesn’t matter.  Customize the system for how you work all the way down to your company name and logo.

Manage Custom Billing & Expense Rates through CROSStrax's Private Investigator Billing Software
CROSStrax Investigation Case Management Business Tools


Continually monitor your business performance

How many cases came in last month?  How much was billed out last week?  What isyour most requested service?  When was the last time you took your best client to lunch?  What is investigator Bob’s video percentage?  Find out in seconds with Company Reporting.

Essential Case Management Tools

Improve client satisfaction and retention rates with our automated tools.

Time Tracking

Each activity is recorded with a description of the activity, the person who performed the activity and the amount of time spent, acting as an online timesheet.

Case History

A history of everything, from when emails were sent to when notes were entered and edited. You’ll have a record of who, what, and when the change was made.

GPS Tracking

Manage investigators with pinpoint accuracy.  Don’t remember the address they were at? Go to the GPS data and find it there!

Customer Success Stories

Trusted by hundreds of investigators for case management.

CROSStrax has saved hundreds of hours for our clients!

Mike C., Signature Investigations

I have recommended it to owners of investigative agencies

Miguel C., Limitless Investigations

Absolutely the #1 software for investigation case management.

Brandon B., Due Process