Insurance Fraud Cases

Meet and exceed the needs of insurance companies, insureds, TPA’s and defense attorneys.

CROSStrax has valuable features for insurance investigations.  From AOE/COE, recorded statements, activity checks, alive and well, to surveillance, case management can be used to assist investigative efforts.

CROSStrax - Insurance Fraud Investigation Software

Tasks and Scheduling

Note tasks and schedule investigators.  Ensure date specific requirements are met.

EMail Updates and Video

Send updates with photos or video.  The client can has the option to view or download the file.

Vendor & RFP Requirements

Don’t miss out on new business.  CROSStrax exceeds requirements for vendor panels and RFP’s.

Don’t rely on unsecured methods

Securely transmit and store work product

We all know losing a client is expensive.  So is using multiple programs to handle the amount of video, photos and audio insurance investigations can produce.  A well known file sending and backup service starts at $9.99 per month.  When you start adding storage capacity to these services, they get expensive quickly.

Utilize CROSStrax and securely store everything in one location.