Self-Funded & Battle Tested.

By Private Investigators, for the Investigations Industry.

The core of the CROSStrax case management system was first designed as the in-house case management system for the founders Patrick Andrews and Rob Seymour’s investigative company, TIG Risk Services (“TIG”).

The system was then battle tested and improved through daily usage by TIG’s owners, managers, office staff, operations staff, sales reps and field investigators over 20 years.  The feedback derived from their real life/true/actual investigative experiences paved the way for constant improvements to the platform so an investigative company can grow and succeed. Thus, before it was released it had proven to be a great platform to productively and profitably manage an investigation firm.

Since CROSStrax was made available to the market in 2014, it has been preoccupied with staying ahead of the curve and improving. We continue to listen to and learn from feedback from the investigative community in general but more importantly our users and their staffs.  This approach allows us to update our platform, add new features, and implement new technology on a regular basis.

CROSStrax is, and always has been, “Designed by Investigators”…..but inherently, the founders see themselves leveraging their experiences and knowledge to provide a technology solution to help all investigators secure more clients and run their businesses better.

To ensure that you enjoy the benefits without compromise:

  • CROSStrax commits to client confidentiality right up front in the Terms and Conditions Agreement (see the included NDA in the Terms of Service)
  • CROSStrax’s founders believe that this confidentiality is a fundamental core value of the company and critical for the platform’s success
  • Strong system controls ensure your protection

TIG is a fraud investigation agency that has been in business for over 20 years and the company founders/owners know how fragile relationships can potentially be and value integrity and honor as important both personally and as the best way to run a business.

CROSStrax Case Management System

The CROSStrax team looked towards the future and acquired PI Direct Link in 2018.  This move further strengthened the core management team, strategy, and roadmap for the future.  Our support team solicits and receives feedback from our users on a daily basis.  These concepts are implemented into development processes and our users often see their ideas come to life during frequent updates.

CROSStrax will continue to support the investigative industry with technology improvements, sponsoring association events and helping investigative companies grow into successful businesses by giving them the latest software tools at an affordable price.  For more information, please Contact Us anytime.

It is our honor to serve you.