Why CROSStrax?

We’re making choosing investigation case management software a breeze!


You simply won’t find a case management system with more features and that’s not the best part. CROSStrax will remain affordable, enterprise level investigation case management software. Other applications deliver much less and charge you much more!


Investigators are mobile just by the nature of their work, so is CROSStrax. CROSStrax has developed state-of-the-art, fully-immersive mobile apps so you can leave work where it belongs! Reports aren’t fun but with CROSStrax, they are easy!


Our developers are always working. Some software platforms become stale, not CROSStrax. Through integrations such as Quickbooks, continuous updates and partners like Delvepoint, we’re changing the way investigators manage their businesses.

Mobile Investigation Case Management Software

Investigators are on the move, so is CROSStrax.

An investigation case management system isn’t complete without a fully functional mobile app. With the CROSStrax iPhone app and Android app, you’ll be able to add report entries, add photos, add case notes, all with a fully-functional, 1st party GPS tracking system.

Customize for any application

CROSStrax reshapes itself to meet your needs. The days of you changing your workflows to fit your investigation case management software are over! Customize your workflows, services, and experience the limitless flexibility of CROSStrax.

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Are you ready for CROSStrax?

CROSStrax is designed to support a complex process that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic workflows, such as an incoming assignment, a submitted report, a media storage, or a case that is moving to litigation.

The CROSStrax solution will support your workflow, encourage collaboration, maintain storage of images, audio and video, and process electronic files. CROSStrax even has workflow/process templates to help implementation.

Our Trademarked
Process & Workflow.

Case management software should make your days easier, not harder. With that in mind, CROSStrax has many unique “automated” features that set our workflow aside from the competition.

Our pursuit of custom software to change the investigative industry is a journey, not a destination. Once you become part of the CROSStrax Community, be ready to be wowed over and over again!

Video Upload

Why spend time play with confusing and complicated software to get the date and time stamp on your video? CROSStrax allows your team to upload a video with the date and time stamp already in the video, saving you hours of editing a day!

GPS Technology

Our 1st-Party GPS app will allow you to manage your investigators with pinpoint accuracy. The CROSStrax app is available on the iPhone and Android app store. This will allow your investigators to track their entire day. Don’t remember the address you were at? Go to the GPS data and find it there!

Report Generator

Maybe the most important part of any case, the report, is usually the last thing an investigator wants to do when he gets home. After dictating all of their report entries into their phone or tablet, 1-click, when they get home, will actually complete the entire report in a professional court ready document.

Get the CROSStrax advantage…

Give your clients the attention they crave by sending and receiving emails directly from their file. Collaborate with employees and independent contractors. CROSStrax’s platform is intuitive, reliable, and secure enough to operate your entire business.

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