Keep client information, enter rates, email updates and more

Enter special handling instructions and everyone is aware of how the client wants their cases worked.  Enter different rates for various clients to ensure billing is properly done.  The features are designed to facilitate and improve client satisfaction.

Investigators Tool For Client Management - CROSStrax

Update Clients

Streamline communication and easily update clients with vital case information.

Run Client Reports

Powerful reports give you an edge.  How many cases did XYZ assign last month?  How many cases did we get video on?

Client Customization

Customize rates, note protocols or special instructions, assign tasks and manage clients with ease.

Client Support (CS Desk) - CROSStrax


Stay aware and handle client issues

An investigator had car trouble on the way to a case.

A case was scheduled for the wrong day

Document these in the CS desk so the client and everyone involved in a case can be notified.  Review the CS desk at certain intervals and address any recurring issues with your team.