Tools for documenting and reporting your serves

Your staff can easily input and track their case related time and expenses through CROSStrax. When it comes time to invoice your clients, you’ll be able to convert all billable time and expenses into an invoice with a click of a mouse!

CROSStrax Process Service Software for Document Generation

Mobile GPS App

Automatically document locations visited or where service was perfected via the mobile app.

Affidavits & Documents

Update clients with photos and location.  Generate an affidavit of service with a few clicks.

Invoice Clients

Enter client billing rates and practices for individual clients.  Create and send invoices quickly.

Tight profit margins present a challenge

Efficiency and attention to detail are key

Anyone who conduct private process service knows the importance of getting it right the first time.  In order to be successful, most serves need to be done right the first time.  The automation and document generation tools in CROSStrax eliminate the potential for administrative errors which can prove costly.  Get it done right the first time, every time.