9 Essential Case Management Features for Private Investigators

True businessmen / business women keep a watchful eye on costs.  A business that cavalierly spends money frivolously will not be around very long.

However, smart business persons also invest in their future.  They ensure they have proper controls.  They work to operate efficiently.  They manage risk.  They impress clients with the quality and professionalism of their work.  They position themselves to compete in the marketplace.  They incorporate the efficiencies of technology.  They are never left behind.

The business of Private Investigation / Risk Management as you all know is incredibly competitive and growing more so all the time.  Large firms with economies of scale, large networks and controls are consolidating and expanding all the time.  When litigation support is so important to clients, these large firms and their controls seem like the “safe” choice.  Clients like service providers they believe will be around for a while.  They like service providers availing themselves of technology.

A proven vehicle to compete, demonstrate efficiencies and maintain controls is the right Case Management PlatformFor an investment for as little as $35.00 a month a Private Investigation / Risk Management Firm can take advantage of the following….

  • Operating Efficiencies – the right platform more than anything else should be able to demonstrate that it is a vehicle to improve your productivity and profits (built-in interfaces that reduce redundancy, ease of field input, etc.)


  • Controls – Poor or inconsistent reporting to clients, an inability to efficiently monitor fieldwork (and know the work was done correctly), a lack of the ability to measure performance etc. could and probably eventually will impair a firm’s reputation. That is of course to say it can cost you everything.   Even if the right system help ensure that you prevent even one of those potential risks, the peace of mind alone might be worth it


  • Internal Reporting – The ability for management to monitor the business easily and efficiently can keep fixed costs down and permit them to focus on maybe even greater priorities such as business development, employee relations, etc.


  • Opportunity Costs – More and more, competitors in Private Investigation (and virtually all businesses) are automating and leveraging advanced systems to run their business more efficiently. Even if your business is fine right now, competition is getting keener.


Don’t let your clients view your firm as lacking controls and falling behind.  Invest in your business.  $35 / month is worth it…many, many, many times over..