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Private Investigators: The Importance of Professional Marketing Materials

There are of course any number of marketing strategies and approaches in business that are proven and successful.  However, when a risk management / investigation firm is marketing to prospective clients, coming across as professional, thorough and reliable is particularly paramount.  Given the amount of trust being placed, the potential risks involved and discretion required….professionalism […]

How Investigators are Selling the Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

With workplace incidents on the rise, especially those involving gun violence, companies are implementing stricter pre-employment screenings on potential new hires as the first step in reducing risks.  Although many companies actually conduct some form of a background check on prospective employees, either internally or externally, there are instances where these are only limited screens […]

Time Management for Private Investigators

WOULDN’T YOU RATHER BE WORKING ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS,  MOTIVATING YOUR TEAM OR JUST CATCHING YOUR BREATH?  TIME IS MONEY! It has always been a business axiom that “time is money”…but has there ever been a business model where this has been more applicable than in the Private Investigation Field?  The business is labor intensive, […]

Case Management Software is an Investment – Not an Expense!

This is important.  Repeat it: A case management system is an investment – not an expense. We understand the reasons why professionals inquiring about an investigation management system are often preoccupied during the trial period with pricing plans and costs.  Heck, few would argue that operating margins can be somewhat thin. We get it. However, […]

The Importance of Using a Proven Case Management Platform

To any diligent private investigation firm it may on the surface seem obvious, i.e. to only consider using a proven case management system for your business.  However, since all platforms tout their experience and expertise and indicate that their systems are “proven” and “tested” it is important to peel back the onion to determine what […]

Where do I go to login to CROSStrax?

Please note, there is no way to log in from the CROSStrax information site located at www.crosstrax.co. Every CROSStrax account has a unique web address where all users of that system will log in. If you are the account administrator, you chose a subdomain when you signed up.  You also received a welcome email that has […]

Data and Case Management Software

A good case management platform will allow an investigator to have access to data and export it anytime so a copy can be saved locally.  The top case management systems have various ways for users to ensure they always have a copy of their data available. Hera are 4 key terms Private Investigators need to […]

A PI’s dilemma: “I don’t have enough cases”

Question:  Do you currently use a case management system or software? Answer:  I don’t have enough cases. The single most common line we hear from private investigators across the country. Are you familiar with CROSStrax? Yes. I like the product but I do not have enough cases to justify the expense. What do companies like […]

How case management software pays for itself.

What does everyone want?  More money is usually the number one answer and more time for [insert personal choice here] is a close second.  The CROSStrax case management system helps investigators with both.  The system and it’s numerous features help reduce, and in some instances, eliminate, the time consuming administrative tasks that most PI’s, managers and […]

CROSStrax acquires PI Direct Link

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: CROSStrax LLC 844.874.3955 patrick@crosstrax.co CROSStrax acquires PI DIRECT LINK DESTIN, FL – October 24, 2018 – (CROSStrax acquires PI Direct Link) – CROSStrax LLC, an industry-leading investigation case management solution, announced it has acquired PI Direct Link, a full-service investigation case management software platform. The purchase will allow CROSStrax to scale its users […]