CROSStrax Process Service Software for Document Generation


At CROSStrax™ we believe that our clients’ success is our success.  We believe that efficient and profitable customers who run healthy businesses are simply good business for us as well.

That said, today we are not pitching CROSStrax here; nor are touting its many benefits.

Rather, I would like to suggest that you consider looking into any of the myriad of service providers on the market that offer tools to help track mileage and perform services related to the associated travel.

Depending on the service provider product offering, benefits may include…..

  • Capturing drives automatically and the tracking of your mileage
  • Making it easier to keep track of details such as parking and tolls
  • Providing reports / documentation for accounting and taxes
  • Many are also easy to use on either a desktop or a handheld device

As you well know, the benefits of the above can potentially include…

  • A measurement against which to gauge represented work (and commitments)
  • A more efficient review process of certain vendor or employee expense vouchers
  • Accounting and tax documentation and benefits
  • Efficiency in reporting / data capture
  • Look for an app or reporting method acceptable to the IRS.

According to the internet, here are the top 8 mileage tracking apps in no particular order

Stride, Hurdlr, MileIQ, TripLog, Quickbooks Self Employed, Everlance, Rydar, and Sherpashare

There are many providers so I will not suggest which might be best for you….but it may want to look into them if you have not already done so.

The above is of course not critical to your success….but it may make life a little easier so you can focus on other priorities.  Should you try it however, I hope you find it useful.

You can also keep up with mileage on cases inside of the CROSStrax investigative case management platform.  For more information visit