The Importance of Using a Proven Case Management Platform

To any diligent private investigation firm it may on the surface seem obvious, i.e. to only consider using a proven case management system for your business.  However, since all platforms tout their experience and expertise and indicate that their systems are “proven” and “tested” it is important to peel back the onion to determine what that actually means.  It is far too important a decision to take those assertions at face value.

The Importance of Using a Proven Case Management Platform - CROSStrax

Before engaging or even considering a case management platform to run your business, I might suggest that you consider (and ask) the following…..

  • How long was their development cycle? Ask any successful software provider of case management systems (at least those with satisfied customers) and they will tell you it takes several years, not months, to develop a platform with the versatility, controls and productivity you need…..even before its tested.


  • Once developed, how much beta testing has the platform completed with third party clients? Absolutely no platform is without bugs when first developed.  Internal testing and improvements over the years are important but until a platform is also vetted by third party clients and their feedback incorporated into the system, it is not versatile or “proven” enough to trust.


  • Does the system truly and materially improve the business model or is it just a “rehash” of the more remedial elements of other platforms? A new and unproven platform is likely to have primarily standard functionality.  It is a sincere risk to your business to put your files onto a new and untested platform to begin with…..but an even greater risk to do so for the benefits of only a “basic” system.  Ironically, it is the more evolved and proven platforms that are likely to have developed more cutting edge functionality (on top of reliability).  It is amazing how the quest to improve a platform can make a difference, particularly over time.


The risks of a case management system that in reality has not truly been tested, proven or vetted are far too great.  Your reputation, efficiencies and your business itself are worth far too much!


The CROSStrax platform is cutting edge, cost effective, reliable and most importantly…..tested, constantly upgraded and proven over many years.

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