False Perceptions as to what it means to be “SOC 2 Type II Certified”

As we have stated previously…the “SOC 2 Type II Certification” of your case management operating system is often a decision variable in RFP proposals…and sometimes a pre-requisite to even bid.  More and more, prospective clients, particularly larger ones such as Insurance Companies, look for this designation as assurance that their important and confidential data, as […]

What “SOC 2 Type II” Actually Means

What does it mean when a SaaS provider such as CROSStrax™ possesses SOC 2 Type II certification? It means that the SaaS provider has… had a CPA firm, with specific domain expertise in this area, put the SaaS platform through a comprehensive array of testing in areas such as security, availability, confidentiality, system integrity and […]

CROSStrax and Delvepoint…..Better Together!

…….and what that means for our customers! CROSStrax truly aspires to provide best in class services in all of our functionality and offerings. The goal is to provide our customers with the advantages and tools to compete as effectively as possible in the marketplace.  This is why it is with great pride that we have […]

Five things to consider for your Private Investigation Business.

On top of some of the obvious elements key to your investigative business, i.e. the appropriate licensing, the legal structure decided upon  (LLC, S-Corp, Partnership or other), the location, etc. ….as a reminder (and if you have not done so already), you may want to also consider the following… Determine the markets you are serving […]

Mileage tracking apps for investigators

TOOLS TO MAKE RUNNING YOUR BUSINESS A LITTLE EASIER At CROSStrax™ we believe that our clients’ success is our success.  We believe that efficient and profitable customers who run healthy businesses are simply good business for us as well. That said, today we are not pitching CROSStrax here; nor are touting its many benefits. Rather, […]

Private Investigators: The Importance of Professional Marketing Materials

There are of course any number of marketing strategies and approaches in business that are proven and successful.  However, when a risk management / investigation firm is marketing to prospective clients, coming across as professional, thorough and reliable is particularly paramount.  Given the amount of trust being placed, the potential risks involved and discretion required….professionalism […]

How Investigators are Selling the Importance of Pre-Employment Screening

With workplace incidents on the rise, especially those involving gun violence, companies are implementing stricter pre-employment screenings on potential new hires as the first step in reducing risks.  Although many companies actually conduct some form of a background check on prospective employees, either internally or externally, there are instances where these are only limited screens […]

Time Management for Private Investigators

WOULDN’T YOU RATHER BE WORKING ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS,  MOTIVATING YOUR TEAM OR JUST CATCHING YOUR BREATH?  TIME IS MONEY! It has always been a business axiom that “time is money”…but has there ever been a business model where this has been more applicable than in the Private Investigation Field?  The business is labor intensive, […]

Case Management Software is an Investment – Not an Expense!

This is important.  Repeat it: A case management system is an investment – not an expense. We understand the reasons why professionals inquiring about an investigation management system are often preoccupied during the trial period with pricing plans and costs.  Heck, few would argue that operating margins can be somewhat thin. We get it. However, […]