The Importance of Documentation

Easily accessible contracts for reference and compliance, an audit/paperwork trail to support accounting and tax filings, client contact information that is easily accessible when immediately needed, budgets and forecasts to benchmark performance and available policies and procedures references for everything from operations to personnel…are all but a handful of the many reasons strong documentation is […]

Items to be aware of as you evaluate… NEW (or ANY) CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE SYSTEMS

It is sometimes tempting to be drawn to the rhetoric and broad promises of a new software platform…at least initially, that is. However, one needs to be particularly wary of any newer and unproven software offerings. In the instance of Case Management Software Systems which support the risk management and private investigation industry and where […]

Private Investigation Business Metrics

We recently wrote a blog about how hard work coupled with “working smart” is very good for your business.  In that blog we offered a handful of specific suggestions on ways that private investigators / risk management firms can improve.  However, in addition to developing evolved strategies and methods it is equally important to measure […]

Embracing Change & Technology

It is all too obvious that on many levels, the world is changing very rapidly and at an accelerating rate.  Above all else, technology (business and personal) is the major variable driving those changes.  Cell phones are an absolute necessity today…but it was only about 30 years ago when they became somewhat widespread and believe […]


Successful sales and marketing efforts can be the result of many variables.  Although often very useful and important, a charismatic and outgoing “sales” personality is only one component…and not even a prerequisite if a number of other variables are present.   For something as important as a private investigation firm’s case management services (and their […]


THE BENEFITS OF “WORKING SMART”   Hard work, in and of itself, is arguably very good for the soul.  It can alleviate tension and anxiety.  There is a sense of accomplishment.  Whether perspiration or mental energy, or both, are expended it often results in something positive.   However, hard work coupled with “working smart” is […]

The Investigator Alliance: How it can help you ramp your business back-up quickly

In 2020, most of us have experienced the painful reminder that planned revenue growth does not always happen as anticipated.  There are revenue dips and spikes in most businesses during normal times, but Covid-19 has certainly facilitated at least a moderate (and maybe worse) impairment to most private investigation / risk management firms (an industry […]

Is Your Business Prepared For Post Covid-19

With few exceptions, most businesses have been adversely affected by both the virus as well as the associated government restrictions.  When exactly the repercussions of Covid-19 will end, one can only speculate of course.  However, with the anticipated imminent release of the Covid-19 vaccines,  the new administration’s desire to end the recession  and the pent-up […]

CROSStrax™ Education and Training

We at CROSStrax, as you may have noticed, constantly encourage our users to avail themselves of the system’s full functionality…believing that is the optimal path to assist in their success.  Knowing that if we are advocating comprehensive usage, we should and have made very deliberate efforts to ensure that this is easier via training, business […]

How a “SOC 2 Type II Certified” Operating System Specifically Benefits Users

A risk management / investigation firm that runs their business on a “SOC 2 Type II Certified System”, like CROSStrax™, will benefit in any number of ways.  These include, but are not limited to, the following…   Competitiveness in RFP Proposals – the “SOC 2 Type II Certification” of your case management operating system is […]