The Investigator Alliance: How it can help you ramp your business back-up quickly

In 2020, most of us have experienced the painful reminder that planned revenue growth does not always happen as anticipated.  There are revenue dips and spikes in most businesses during normal times, but Covid-19 has certainly facilitated at least a moderate (and maybe worse) impairment to most private investigation / risk management firms (an industry […]

CROSStrax™ Education and Training

We at CROSStrax, as you may have noticed, constantly encourage our users to avail themselves of the system’s full functionality…believing that is the optimal path to assist in their success.  Knowing that if we are advocating comprehensive usage, we should and have made very deliberate efforts to ensure that this is easier via training, business […]

CROSStrax acquires PI Direct Link

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: CROSStrax LLC 844.874.3955 CROSStrax acquires PI DIRECT LINK DESTIN, FL – October 24, 2018 – (CROSStrax acquires PI Direct Link) – CROSStrax LLC, an industry-leading investigation case management solution, announced it has acquired PI Direct Link, a full-service investigation case management software platform. The purchase will allow CROSStrax to scale its users […]