Competition’s fierce in the P.I. business. Staying ahead is crucial. But that means more than just having a keen eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the truth. It’s about leveraging the best online search tools in the trade to streamline your work, enhance your investigative capabilities, and deliver results that speak volumes. We understand the challenges and demands you face daily. We also know the right technology can transform your entire investigative process.

That’s why we’ve created a list of the 7 must-have software tools for private investigators. Whether you’re tracking down leads, looking for evidence of financial fraud, or digging through public records, these tools make your job easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Why Private Investigators Should Use Software Tools

Private investigators need to embrace technology to stay relevant. Software tools offer tremendous capabilities, enabling investigators to stay several steps ahead in their cases. Here are 5 benefits of integrating software tools into your investigative workflow:
• Enhance efficiency. Automate routine tasks, manage cases more effectively, and reduce time spent on administrative duties.
• Manage data. Securely store, access, and analyze large volumes of data, ensuring information is readily available when needed.
• Advance research capabilities. Leverage sophisticated databases and online research tools for deeper, more comprehensive background checks and research.
• Improve client communication. Use secure platforms for seamless and transparent communication with clients, including sharing updates and findings.
• Increase accuracy. Reduce human error through automated data analysis and reporting tools, ensuring high-quality, reliable results.

How to Choose Private Investigator Software

Selecting the right software is a big deal for private investigators. The right technology can significantly increase efficiency and the success of their operations. However, the wrong choices can just be a waste of money.

You need to consider key factors that align with your specific needs and the nature of your investigations. Use the following criteria to find the most suitable private investigator software for your company.

Compatibility and Integration

Ensure the software integrates seamlessly with your existing tools and systems, minimizing disruption and learning curves. For example, your case management software should “talk to” your background check software. Any tool you choose should have a long list of integration partners.


Clunky, complex platforms will waste your time and frustrate you. Look for intuitive interfaces and ease of use to ensure you can leverage the software’s full potential without extensive training.
Security Features

Given the sensitivity of investigative work, prioritize software with robust encryption and data protection measures to safeguard client and case information.
Private investigators should look for software vendors that offer a SOC 2 Type II certification. This designation demonstrates effective information security controls for processing integrity and privacy.
Customization and Scalability

The software should be adaptable to your unique workflows and scalable to accommodate the growth of your operations.
Support and Updates

Choose tools that offer reliable customer support and regular updates to keep the software effective against evolving challenges in the investigative field.

Best Investigation Tools for Private Investigators

We road tested tools and read dozens of user reviews to build this list. Our roundup of the best-case management software tools for private investigators is tailored to empower investigators. They help streamline processes, enhance analytical capabilities, save time, and secure sensitive data. We’ve included 7 software solutions that will help you manage every case with confidence.

1. CROSStrax

This cost-efficient, powerful tool is an encompassing answer for your investigation management software needs. Built by private investigators, this case management software platform checks every box to handle cases efficiently and productively.
Key features:
• Create transparent case management with notes and tasks that hold case information, document case activities, and set reminders.
• Keep all stakeholders in the loop with up-to-date information with the client support desk.
• Manage retainers, track expenses, and generate invoices.
• Increase efficiency by using customizable templates within the platform.
• Save time with the video time and date stamper.

CROSStrax offers a 7-day no-obligation free trial and 5 levels of pricing. Clients enjoy a one-month credit if they pay annually.
• Entry costs $35/month.
• Essential costs $65/month.
• Executive costs $105/month.
• Elite costs $195/month.
• Enterprise costs $295/month.
Manage your entire caseload easily and cost-effectively with CROSStrax. Learn more now.

http://Manage your entire caseload easily and cost-effectively with CROSStrax. Learn more now.


Scale your business by streamlining your investigative processes with this fully integrated open-source intelligence platform. Its long list of features makes this tool a favorite for private investigators, law enforcement agencies, loss prevention teams, and more.

Key features:
• Use object and behavior keywords as red flags to create a real-time digital footprint.
• Scan social profiles, posts, and digital interactions to establish connections and build a cohesive case picture.
• Access the tool’s proprietary algorithms to shape unstructured data into insightful formats like heat mapping and timelines.
• Generate automated reports in the layout you want to present your data, from diagrams to data feeds to mapping.

Skopenow offers a 7-day no-cost trial. And, while its pricing isn’t listed online, it provides 3 levels that can serve small offices to large enterprises:
• Basic.
• Professional.
• Enterprise.

Skip Smasher

A cloud-based data model is the foundation for this people search data service. Skip Smashers’ clients (private investigators, repossession agencies, and registered process servers) use the tool for skiptracing, fraud investigation, service of process, and more.

Key features:
• Finds and identifies people, phone numbers, address histories, and more.
• Provides a user-friendly interface that requires almost no training.
• Offers a social security number search and validator search. Includes a death check.
• Maintains 3.5 billion records from over 5500 public records datasets.

Skip Smasher charges a flat fee of $11.95 per month for site access (businesses must qualify first), then charges by-the search fees that range from free to $3.50 each.


One of the most robust online services private investigators can use, BeenVerified gives you access to billions of records from credible sources.

Key features:
• Find a person by locating their contact information like email, phone number, and address.
• Investigate a person’s criminal history including arrests, criminal records, traffic violations, and bankruptcy.
• Use the username search to track down people from their social media profiles.

BeenVerified offers limited searching for free and 2 paid levels:
• 1-month membership costs $29.99/month.
• 3-month membership costs $19.49/month.


Another of the indispensable tools on our list is Discreet, an app for mobile devices. It allows you to covertly take photos and videos from your phone while it appears to be off.
• Snap close-quarter surveillance evidence without risk of being caught.
• Display a black screen while using the camera to avoid detection.
• Tap on the black screen to take a photo or video. Keep it pressed to snap multiple shots.
• Set the Private Gallery to save photos and videos within the app (otherwise they will save in your Camera Roll).

Discreet offers a free level. For unlimited photos and videos, you can pay $5.99 one time to upgrade.


If you’re looking for a robust web-capture tool, Hunchly has you covered. Never forget to capture a link or take a screenshot again.
• Automatically collect and annotate every web page you visit.
• Elevate your evidence management with easy, complete documentation.
• Save time by not having to stop to copy and paste URLs or take screenshots.
• Pull from your automatic documentation to create informative client reports in minutes.

Hunchly offers a 30-day free trial and 2 paid plan levels.
• 1 User Subscription costs $129.00/year.
• The Teams and Organizations subscription must be quoted by sales.

Google Maps

This is one of our favorite mobile apps for private investigators because of its level of detail and accuracy.
Key features:
• Plan your surveillance efficiently with search images maps, satellite, and street view options.
• Lay out your entry and exit strategies.
• Proactively plan around trees, shrubs, and other objects that could hinder your sight line.
• Route and re-route driving s based on traffic patterns to save time.

Google Maps offers a free app to download and use as needed. The API integration also has a pay-as-you-go pricing plan that costs $2-$30 per thousand API requests. Users receive a $200 credit every month that can be used to test other services.

Choose CROSStrax to be an Integral Part of Your Private Investigator Tech Stack

The right software can help you stay organized, save time, decrease errors, and better serve your clients. Whether you’re doing surveillance, reviewing large amounts of data, conducting forensic investigations, or trying to total out an accurate invoice, software tools give you the edge you need to manage it all.

CROSStrax understands what private investigators face. That’s why we created a feature-rich system that can keep information organized and close at hand. Our user-friendly platform gives you a way to manage your cases seamlessly, without taking lots of time and energy. Plus, with our video features, time and date stamps, and robust reports, you’ll never miss another billable minute.

With 25 years of experience and a SOC 2 Type II certification, you never have to worry about your data or client information being accessed or stolen from the CROSStrax platform.

Find out how CROSStrax can simplify your Case Management Today