In 2020, most of us have experienced the painful reminder that planned revenue growth does not always happen as anticipated.  There are revenue dips and spikes in most businesses during normal times, but Covid-19 has certainly facilitated at least a moderate (and maybe worse) impairment to most private investigation / risk management firms (an industry often otherwise thought of as “recession proof” to some extent).

However, given the potential benefits of the imminent vaccine rollouts coupled with anticipated government stimulus and relief efforts, a return to normalcy may sneak up on you and be here before you are ready for it.

As your business ramps back up, we wanted to suggest you consider availing yourself of The Investigator Alliance (i.e. the “Alliance”) that offers resources to assist you with spikes in case volume, opportunities in markets outside your current footprint and client requests for new services you may not have previously offered.

As we have stated previously…

The Alliance can help access these third party / outsource investigators …

  1. The Alliance provides direct access to hundreds and hundreds of private investigators in submarkets you may not currently serve. Many will be in contiguous counties or states.
  2. The Alliance makes vetting easier – having been screened for licensure / other attributes.
  3. The Alliance permits the user to secure more than one proposal and provides a platform to negotiate the price … making it easier to protect your margins.
  4. Outsourcers on the Alliance will want to protect their reputations and are thus incentivized to perform professionally and reliably


Better still, the benefits of accessing Alliance through the CROSStrax™ Case Management System include…

  • The CROSStrax platform provides a number of controls to help monitor the work.
  • Standard reporting packages can be used, ensuring consistency.
  • There are Alliance cost / fee savings if utilized through CROSStrax.
  • Lastly, the reports can be stored and accessed on a secure network with all case info.


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