Hard work, in and of itself, is arguably very good for the soul.  It can alleviate tension and anxiety.  There is a sense of accomplishment.  Whether perspiration or mental energy, or both, are expended it often results in something positive.


However, hard work coupled with “working smart” is very good for your business.  Spending the time to determine the most efficient and effective paths is time well spent.   Evolved and well thought out strategies are often invaluable.  Focusing on constantly improving, learning and where applicable training, ensures you will compete well into the future.


So why are we belaboring points that are, to a large degree, obvious?  The answer is because…has there ever been a better time for persons in the Private Investigation / Risk Management business to take a step back and better prepare for their future?  Under the hectic day to day schedules of a normal business environment, it is often difficult to muster the energy and free time to truly focus on the new approaches or the future.  The economic downturn, although painful and costly, might however have provided you with the free time to truly think through your business and how you might improve it.


The desired improvements may take many forms.  However, for CROSStrax™ users, we humbly ask that you consider the following as you evaluate many real and tangible ways (included and not included below) that can improve your business (if you are not already using them, that is)…


  • Are you availing yourself of controls such as the GPS tracking functionality, a tool that amongst other things, helps to preclude “ghost” investigations? Quality and controls always come back to you.
  • Are you integrating the platform with other software such as QuickBooks and your email to eliminate redundancies and facilitate efficiencies?
  • Are you storing all case management file data and documents on the CROSStrax platform? With its SOC 2 Type II certification, the peace of mind alone that your information is accessible and safe may well be worth it.
  • Have you promoted your usage of the CROSStrax platform in your marketing efforts (for RFPs, proposals etc.) where the proven security, reporting and controls (e.g. the aforementioned SOC 2 Type II certification) might help assuage prospective client concerns.
  • Have you utilized the standard reporting packages that potentially could ensure more consistent and professional reports?
  • Have you accessed our strategic partners such as Skopenow, Delvepoint and others to expand your offerings and improve your case management findings?
  • Are you utilizing The Investigator Alliance to expand your geographic footprint, assist with peak case management volume and to allow you to take on more business with a clear conscience?


WORK SMART- we humbly hope that if you spend the time to explore CROSStrax in detail, that we might help provide some of the “smart” ways to help improve your business.  It would be our privilege.