Successful sales and marketing efforts can be the result of many variables.  Although often very useful and important, a charismatic and outgoing “sales” personality is only one component…and not even a prerequisite if a number of other variables are present.


For something as important as a private investigation firm’s case management services (and their frequent support of litigation cases), any sales effort must make a convincing case that you are (1) reliable, (2) professional, (3) have evolved processes & controls (4) are results oriented and (5) possess unimpeachable SECURITY.  A charismatic salesperson may successfully secure a prospective client’s ear…but you want to arm them with something substantive to say.  To that end, we offer a few points you might consider as you plan your sales efforts…


  • Demonstrating the many processes and controls in your CROSStrax™ operating platform will provide evidence of your serious commitment to reliability and consistency


  • Promoting that your CROSStrax operating platform is SOC 2 Type II Certified gives prospective clients the peace of mind that their confidential information will remain safe and secure; In fact, being SOC 2 Type II Certified can be invaluable in sale presentations and an actual prerequisite with certain RFPs


  • In a business where trust and integrity are critical, professionalism must permeate everything you do. The comprehensive and consistency elements of the CROSStrax reporting modules, the system’s time tracking controls and items as simple as the clarity in the communication of case assignments will help.


  • CROSStrax GPS Tracking of both internal and outsourced investigators can help preclude “ghost investigations” and ensure the focus of each investigator; Results and more videos should follow.


  • CROSStrax also allows clients to log in to the system at any time to check on the status of their assigned files. This way if clients choose to be involved throughout the life of a case, they can be.


  • A demonstrated commitment to a proven and secure technology will always be well received.


We at CROSStrax believe that your success is our success.  Good luck in your marketing efforts!  Let us know if we can be of assistance.