It is all too obvious that on many levels, the world is changing very rapidly and at an accelerating rate.  Above all else, technology (business and personal) is the major variable driving those changes.  Cell phones are an absolute necessity today…but it was only about 30 years ago when they became somewhat widespread and believe it or not it was as recent as 2007 that the Apple iPhone was introduced.   How many people truly envisioned the unbelievable and exponential growth of eCommerce (even before COVID-19)?  People certainly envisioned the diminishing demand for print copies of newspapers and periodicals but isn’t it still amazing how quickly Facebook and a few other online platforms became the primary delivery vehicle for news services to so many?  Change comes very quickly.


For the Private Investigation / Risk Management Business it is no different of course.  Change is accelerating right in front of us all.  The increased leverage of GPS tracking to monitor remote activity.  The usage of ever improving security features to protect confidential information.  The ability to leverage technology to interface your case management platform with (1) other internal platforms (e.g. accounting software, email etc.) to create efficiencies and eliminate the errors of data redundancy and (2) to provide easier access to complimentary service providers.  More and more, technology is providing important and improved consistency and controls.


It is worth mentioning that the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected in 2019 that demand for private investigation services was anticipated to grow at a very high (8% annual) rate through 2029.  If you are to capitalize on that potential market growth in a changing world, be certain to…


  • Truly anticipate, plan for and embrace technology and change; More and more that will be a greater and greater defining element of success.
  • Leverage a proven, scalable, comprehensive, ever improving and highly secure case management platform;
  • Invest the time understand the ways your platform can truly make your business better


We would be remiss of course if we did not honestly assert that we believe a great deal of what will you need to stay ahead can be found in availing yourself of the functionality embedded in the CROSStrax™ Case Management Platform.  CROSStrax is constantly improved and upgraded, SOC 2 Type II Security certified, proven, tested and imbedded with state of the art efficiencies, technology and controls.