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DESTIN, FL – October 24, 2018 – (CROSStrax acquires PI Direct Link) – CROSStrax LLC, an industry-leading investigation case management solution, announced it has acquired PI Direct Link, a full-service investigation case management software platform. The purchase will allow CROSStrax to scale its users and better serve the technology and development needs of both organizations.

The asset purchase of PI Direct Link fits into the overall CROSStrax strategy to develop, maintain, and enhance our user experience in the investigative community. By purchasing the company, CROSStrax will continue to provide case management services to investigation related businesses throughout the world.

“Our acquisition of PI Direct Link significantly complements the overall client base of CROSStrax, allowing us to focus on our up-and-coming offering, the CROSStrax Community. This investment represents an important strategic opportunity to grow an already momentous base of investigative customers. Yes, the acquisition significantly adds to our increasing customer base but more importantly, the geographic presence of our customers.”

Brad Dalhover, Vice President of Business Development of CROSStrax, commented:

“During our initial discussions, it was clear, the vision and goals of the two companies were similar. Bringing both companies together will prove to be a great asset to the investigative industry and I am excited to be a part of CROSStrax,” said Brad Dalhover, CEO, and founder of PI Direct Link.

Mr. Dalhover will join the CROSStrax Team of industry experts supporting the CROSStrax platform and will serve as Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Dalhover will continue to strengthen the already strong relationships he has built since 2012, work to form new relationships and bring awareness to the intuitive features of the CROSStrax software platform.

About CROSStrax

CROSStrax, a worldwide provider of investigation case management cloud-based software, provides enterprise level solutions to the investigative community. The company offers the most comprehensive arsenal of investigation tools that will help business owners and department heads close cases quicker, with a greater level of security than ever before. More information can be found about CROSStrax at the company’s website