Where do I go to login to CROSStrax?

A good case management platform will allow an investigator to have access to data and export it anytime so a copy can be saved locally.  The top case management systems have various ways for users to ensure they always have a copy of their data available.

Hera are 4 key terms Private Investigators need to know about case management data


How long will the company retain the data put in the system?  If a credit card is declined,  an account expires, or the user gets in a bad auto accident.  Will the data be there at next login, if a month or two passes?  Be sure you understand the expectation here and the time frame is reasonable and over 60 days.


How long has the company been in business?  Is it a startup?  In the past few years numerous case management systems simply did not make it and are no longer in business.  While we cannot confirm what happened to the user’s data, we have heard stories and helped those recovering from such a situation.  If the company has not been in business that long, ask a lot of questions and be extremely skeptical.


How is the data backed up and how often?  The more frequently the better and in redundant locations is the ideal answer here.  The same way an individual has their important photos on a local hard drive, an external hard drive, and possibly another location such as Dropbox.

Is the data stored on redundant servers?  If Server “A” goes down, is there a Server “B” that will fire up and allow the system to operate normally?  Most services have this capability but be sure to ask.  It is extremely important to ensure you can count on the service being available at a crucial time.

Export Capability

Can the data be exported by the user without company interaction?  This is critical and the answer should be “Yes’.  Investigators will want to get in the habit of exporting the system data at scheduled intervals.  As a best practice we recommend setting a task reminder on the 1st of every month to export a copy.  Save the exported data on a computer and one other location in case something happens to the computer.

What we do

CROSStrax retains user data for a minimum of 90 days after an account goes inactive.  In circumstance where users may be inactive over 90 days, we have a plan in place that allows the user to continue to maintain the data on our servers.  Our user data is backed up twice daily and is located on three different servers in three different locations.  If there is a problem with a server, the redundant server becomes primary and the user experiences no interruption of service.  An account holder is able login to the system, export their data at any time with the push of a button.

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