Question:  Do you currently use a case management system or software?

Answer:  I don’t have enough cases.

The single most common line we hear from private investigators across the country.

Are you familiar with CROSStrax? Yes. I like the product but I do not have enough cases to justify the expense.

What do companies like G4S, Litigation Solutions and Covent Bridge have in common? They have teams of programmers, IT specialists and consultants working on a daily basis to help improve the technological capabilities of the company. Do you have that?

PI’s often complain that large companies like the ones above get all of the cases and try to subcontract out to PI’s at a reduced rate. That is completely avoidable. Compete with them on a technological level and get those cases yourself.

In the late 1990’s, Omega Insurance Services, which was bought by First Advantage, which was bought by Global Options, which then became Covent Bridge through a series of huge mergers with similar large investigative companies such as ICS Merrill, became one of the largest investigative companies in a matter of a few years.

How? Technology! There had to be more people working on the technology solutions, then there were people working in the office and in the field. Omega figured out, through the use of technology, how to deliver information to the client quicker, more efficiently, and in a more impressive manner than their competitors. Their marketing strategy leveraged and showed off their capabilities. Are you doing that?

Their competitors were sending bulky VHS tapes in large envelopes which the client would receive in three to five days. Omega was delivering video snippets and case updates on a daily basis via their case management platform. What are you doing to separate yourself from your competition?

One of our favorite quotes from industry people came during a webinar we did with Jimmie Mesis at PI Magazine. When discussing price, one of the attendees said they could not afford $19 per month. Jimmie responded and told the investigator if he was unwilling to invest $19 per month in his business, it may be time to find another job.

This is what we at CROSStrax do. Let us be your team of programmers and IT specialists. Let us show you how a case management system can make yesterday the last time you say “I don’t have enough cases.”

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