What does everyone want?  More money is usually the number one answer and more time for [insert personal choice here] is a close second. The CROSStrax case management system helps investigators with both.  The system and it’s numerous features help reduce, and in some instances, eliminate, the time consuming administrative tasks that most PI’s, managers and investigators despise.

Case management software is an investment.  Not an expense.

How much time per month do you spend on the following:

  • Who worked what case last week?
  • How much time did they put in on the case?
  • What case expenses and amounts need to be billed to the client
  • Gathering and providing case information to an investigator
  • Figuring out investigator pay and expense amounts
  • Looking for information in a case file
  • Scheduling staff or subcontractors
  • Manually Creating Reports and Invoices

The beauty of CROSStrax is it pays for itself on the first day.  It saves time.  Freeing up time that can be spent pursuing new business, working on a case, or doing tasks that generate revenue.  If CROSStrax provided for an extra hour of time per month to do an investigation, would that be beneficial?  Users are constantly giving us examples of how the features save them 5, 10, 20 hours of administrative time per month.   If the bank said they would give you $75 if you gave them $19, would you do it?  Of course you would.

If CROSStrax gives you the ability to bill out one extra hour at $75 and the monthly cost is $19, would you do it?  You should!  Think of software and tools for your business as investments in success and profits.   The time investigators save by having a case management system can be used for revenue generating tasks such as marketing, working a few extra hours of investigation, or taking that new client out to lunch.
Our support team is here to help.

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