Importance of background checks for employment - CROSStrax

With workplace incidents on the rise, especially those involving gun violence, companies are implementing stricter pre-employment screenings on potential new hires as the first step in reducing risks.  Although many companies actually conduct some form of a background check on prospective employees, either internally or externally, there are instances where these are only limited screens or waived depending on the nature of the position. There are other companies that surprisingly are sensitive to the costs (despite the value proposition) and yet others that, maybe naively, rely only their own instincts when reading people.  As you market the benefits of a comprehensive pre-employment background check to these companies, among the items to consider might include some of the following…

When performed by a professional risk management/investigation firm, the benefits of identifying the potentially risks of hiring an employee who did not disclose that they are….

  • a former felon, or
  • that have a number of previous DUIs , or
  • that they do not have the educational background, licenses or qualifications that they represented

….are obvious to a degree

However, a thorough and comprehensive professional review of areas such as an employee’s social media accounts might disclose items as far ranging as the prospect having been involved with protests against a company’s industry or that there is evidence of a lack of sensitivity toward minorities or the opposite sex.  The possibilities are endless.

A thorough background check may disclose previous lawsuits or a propensity to litigate.

The bottom line is that the potential risks of a casual background check can cost a company a great deal of money in any number of ways.

Whereas no background check is fail safe….does it not pay a company to engage a true professional (i.e. a risk management/investigation firm) to “do it right”?  A company should think of it as peace of mind.

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