It is sometimes tempting to be drawn to the rhetoric and broad promises of a new software platform…at least initially, that is. However, one needs to be particularly wary of any newer and unproven software offerings.

In the instance of Case Management Software Systems which support the risk management and private investigation industry and where the importance of security is paramount, newer offerings should bear even more scrutiny.  A few concerns we might suggest one vet as they evaluate any new (or old) Case Management Platform…

Long Term Viability – How long has the platform you are evaluating really been around?  Investopedia indicates that 90% of all small businesses fail.  It often takes years for even a terrific system to be viable.  There are many reasons for these failures.  Amongst the most common were a lack of sufficient capital or poor financial planning;

  • Be certain not to find your business running on a financially or otherwise shaky Case Management Software Company platform that could dissipate overnight and leave you “high and dry” with only limited or no notice at all;


Security – Since software development often takes longer than anticipated and functionality is sometimes easier to sell, did this new Case Management Software address and prioritize security adequately?  Are they Soc 2 Type II certified?  If you don’t truly investigate their security up front, you may never know.


  • Don’t find yourself ineligible on many prospective client RFPs (right up front) because your operating platform is not Soc 2 Type II certified; Worse yet, if the software’s security is not strong and there is a material breach of your information, your reputation and business could very much be damaged.
  • Don’t accept a SOC 2 Type II report from AWS or any other cloud based servers…The report should come directly from the Case Management Platform with their name and business logo embedded into the report.

Proven Functionality? – How much third-party vetting do they have behind them (not internal testing, but real-world client operating experience)?  Design does not always equal implementation.

  • Any “bug” in a new system can cost you efficiencies, time or even real money.

Degree of Integration Experience – Operating efficiencies, the elimination of the necessity of duplicate entries, convenience and time savings can all be driven by integrations.  Does the Case Management Software platform being evaluated have proven experience integrating with QuickBooks?  Your email?  Can it provide direct links to key vendors such as Delvepoint, IRB, Skopenow, and others?

  • You are probably not content with your current case volume; if you want to be able to truly compete, make your business more competitive, effective and efficient

If you are ready to objectively evaluate Case Management Software Systems, CROSStrax™ would love to compete for your business.  In addition to offering greater functionality than any platform in our space, we have been vetted over many years, have grown steadily, have proven and existing key integrations already….and we are SOC 2 Type II certified.

Don’t compromise!