Easily accessible contracts for reference and compliance, an audit/paperwork trail to support accounting and tax filings, client contact information that is easily accessible when immediately needed, budgets and forecasts to benchmark performance and available policies and procedures references for everything from operations to personnel…are all but a handful of the many reasons strong documentation is essential to almost any business.  For certain businesses, it is arguably even more important.


The Risk Management and Private Investigation Business certainly comes to mind as one of those businesses where documentation is particularly critical.  Some initial reasons come to mind that include…

  • Reports and conclusions drawn often support important legal actions and defenses. Those reports and conclusions NEED to be supported by strong and detailed documentation
  • The health of a PI business is often contingent upon reputation and consistency; If findings or conclusions are lean, strong documentation may alleviate, to some degree, potential client concerns of “ghost investigations”.  Even more important is that if findings and conclusions are robust, as mentioned above, they only have value to the client if they are well documented and supported
  • With information flowing in every direction…to and from certain clients, field investigators, insurance firms, law firms, internal departments, etc…..an easily accessible documentation trail can be a critical element to operating efficiency, effective communications and results


By availing yourself of the robust CROSStrax™ functionality, we believe the platform could be of great assistance in your documentation efforts…


  • Using the system itself facilitates a strong documentation trail
  • The system offers standard and customizable reporting packages which can be a catalyst for the inclusion of all germane information and can be stored for easy access
  • The system has been SOC 2 Type II certified which amongst other things, evidences system security and controls…and arguably peace of mind
  • Documents are available online 24/7…and you can store them within the system for free
  • Case assignments to remote investigators can and should be run through the platform for documentation and clarity purposes
  • Available platform integration with other systems (e.g. QuickBooks, Email etc.) all but ensures internal documentation and data consistency
  • You can even document invoicing through the platform
  • Lastly, the platform can be used as a “one-stop shop” to retain all case file information from the case assignment through the invoicing


Heck…we’d like to help you not only improve your documentation, but also help you reach the point where you never say…”WHERE IS THAT FILE?” or “IS THAT FILE COMPLETE?” It would be our privilege.