A risk management / investigation firm that runs their business on a “SOC 2 Type II Certified System”, like CROSStrax™, will benefit in any number of ways.  These include, but are not limited to, the following…


  • Competitiveness in RFP Proposals – the “SOC 2 Type II Certification” of your case management operating system is often a decision variable in RFP proposals…and sometimes a pre-requisite to even bid. More and more, prospective clients, particularly larger ones such as Insurance Companies, look for this designation as assurance that their important and confidential data, as well as the process itself, is secure and complete.


  • Data / File Storage – If a SaaS provider offers (as CROSStrax™ does) case file storage, everything involved in each case (e.g. depositions, reporting, file submissions etc.) can now be stored in a system that has been “certified” as secure.  Does anyone want all that confidential information stored on a system that was not certified?


  • Efficiencies – knowing the operating system has been through detailed testing and been certified by a CPA firm with specific domain expertise…if a user hasn’t already, it may permit them to avail themselves of utilizing all the operating efficiencies of the platform.  From the case assignment to the report to the billing…it is all certified as secure.


  • Peace of Mind – their SaaS provider takes security, availability, confidentiality and controls seriously enough that they invested time and resources to secure that “certification” designation, proving their controls are as represented, Never, of course, take the “peace of mind” that fact creates for granted.


We at CROSStrax would be happy to discuss how our secure platform can help you.